“Domestic” Adoption:

This is where we assess prospective adopters with a view to matching you with a child, living in the UK who is unable to remain with their birth family. In most cases this will be court ordered, although occasionally birth parents may decide to relinquish their child for adoption.

“Inter Country” Adoption:

Some adults considering adoption choose to adopt a child from another country. If this is something you are considering, please contact your Local Authority Adoption team who’ll be able to provide more information.

Fostering for Adoption:

Fostering to Adopt aims to reduce unnecessary disruption for children, by approving prospective adopters as foster carers.  This means that when a child comes into our care, and we think it’s unlikely they will be able to return to their birth family, they can, wherever possible remain in the environment they’ve become familiar with.  For more information on Fostering to Adopt, download this leaflet.

Concurrent Placement:

This is where a baby or young child, (normally under the age of two years) is placed with a family who are approved as foster carers and adopters whilst the court decides whether or not they can return to their birth family.

Non Agency Adoption:

Most commonly this is where step parents apply to adopt their partner’s child so that they become their legal parent and have parental responsibility for them.