Adoptive families:

Peterborough City Council has an active adoption support service which is available to assist and advise adults and children who have been adopted, adoptive parents as well as people who have a birth relative who is adopted. Every adopted child will have an adoption support plan which will have been discussed and agreed with you as part of the matching process. This is tailored to their individual needs and how these will be met and can be reviewed whenever needed – pre and / or post adoption.

Adoptive families have the right to request an assessment for adoption support services at any time and can contact the agency for information and advice on the types of services available. This could include:

• Advice, information and counselling to adoptive parents or referral to more specialist resources
• Training for adoptive parents including support from our clinical psychology service on behavioural, attachment issues, resolutions and therapeutic parenting techniques
• Therapeutic services for the adopted child
• Financial support can be provided to help adoptive parents with any additional costs in caring for the child, in particular where the child has specific on-going needs. There is no automatic entitlement to financial support, this is means tested and reviewed annually on the basis of the applicant’s financial circumstances and needs of the child.
• Support groups, events and activity days for adoptive families providing opportunities to meet other adoptive families and accessing support.

We also provide support around contact between a child and their birth family after they have been adopted. Every child’s situation is considered very carefully, taking into account their specific circumstances.

• Indirect contact – In most adoptions, there is the exchange of letters and cards between adopters and birth family members once or twice yearly through our confidential, post box scheme.
• Direct contact – In some circumstances, a child will meet face to face with members of their birth family where this has been agreed and deemed to be in their best interests. This can be supervised.

We appreciate that many adopters are naturally anxious about contact with birth family and so this is something that we will explore in more detail during your assessment and the matching process with a child to help develop your understanding and preparations.

Birth families:

Peterborough City Council recognises the impact on birth families who lose their children to adoption and so have a contract with Adoptionplus, who are able to provide them with independent support and counselling during care proceedings and beyond. We can provide support to birth families by making a referral to this agency.

Adopted people:
Adopted people aged eighteen or over can apply for access to and a copy of their birth certificate. Peterborough City Council can provide counselling and support to individuals who wish to access their adoption records and trace relatives and are living in the area. We do not provide intermediary services supporting families with tracing but can advise about agencies that can assist them with this.